adam jastrzębowski

photography: Wielkopolska School of Photography (Poznań)
cultural studies: The School of Humanities and Journalism (Poznań), Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity (Poznań)


My photos are printed in major polish magazines, newspapers and websites e.g Dziennik, Przegląd, Przegląd Sportowy, Kurier Poranny, Dziennik Polski, Futbol News, Playboy, CKM, Mój Pies etc.
I cover different sports events in Poland and Europe, such as EURO 2008, Tour de Ski, Golden League istaf in Berlin in 2004 and 2006, Eurobasket 2009. In addition to this, I took photos in biathlon, ski, nordic combined, and ski jumping world cups.
Finally, I cover polish national teams in football, basketball, volleyball and handball.
I cooperate with Ringier Axel Springer Poland publishing house and Mój Pies monthly magazine.
My photos are available to buy in polish agencies: Foto Olimpik, Newspix and BE&W
or in international agencies: action press, Alfaqui, Offside, Icon Sport

I am also available for portraits, photojournalism, corporate, fashion and events.

I work both on film and digital cameras.

phone: +48 604 892 028